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Veggie Galaxy
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Note From Lesli, Pastry Chef

"Please Note: Bakery counter is open all day every day, even during the hours that the restaurant is closed to do prep (3-5 p.m.)!"

Have some questions for our pastry chef? Please check the Bakery FAQ first.

There is a certain kind of dessert that warms the heart. It brings you back to your Mom or Grandma’s kitchen, and is not made just to impress (though it often does), but to comfort after a long day, or just make a great meal even better.

At Veggie Galaxy this is the kind of baking we strive for - Homestyle diner classics made from scratch, using classic baking techniques, but with a few added modern twists.

First Twist:
Everything we bake is 100% vegan! No Butter, Eggs, Cream, Milk, Honey, Cream Cheese or anything animal derived, but with100% of the flavor and 120% of the love! We promise that you’ll never miss what’s not in there!

Second Twist:
We use only the best ingredients and go big on flavor. A big ole slice of Chocolate Layer cake is made with Valhrona cocoa and Somerville’s own vegan organic stoneground Taza Chocolate. An old fashioned Pecan Pie has each pie crust lovingly hand rolled, filled with roasted pecans and golden cane syrup instead of corn syrup. Our Coconut Lemon Layer Cake is made with chunky organic coconut shreds that we toast ourselves. Our Mile High Lemon Meringue Pie is made with fresh hand squeezed lemon juice and passionfruit puree for a fresh unexpected flavor. The meringue, made from soy, is a dead ringer for the real deal. Chocolate Chip Cookies are packed with 60% Taza Chocolate, and our pastry creams, puddings and cheesecakes use both real vanilla beans and vanilla extract.

It is our hope that when you have desserts here at Veggie Galaxy, you’ll feel that sense of comfort plus all the love we put into making them, and will forget (except for maybe the briefest of seconds before your first bite) that they are vegan. What we hope you remember is that they are just good!

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Everything we bake is 100% vegan!


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