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Orders are now closed.

- Pickup will be Wednesday, December 23 or Thursday, December 24 from 11am to 8pm (please plan to arrive on the day and time you chose when ordering, which you can find on the receipt that was emailed to you in case you've forgotten).
- Contactless pickup will be available on foot or by car; delivery is not available (again, please refer to your receipt if you have forgotten which method of pickup you chose).  
- Reheating instructions will be provided.

- If you would like to order any items from our regular menu to pick up at the same time, please place your order through our regular online ordering process and schedule it for pickup at the same time that you had planned to pick up your holiday dinner order.  Please do not arrive until after you have received a text that your regular order is ready.  Then, when you arrive, please make sure to inform us that you have both a holiday dinner and a regular order waiting for you so that we know to retrieve both orders.

Happy Holidays!