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Safety Commitment

At VEGGIE GALAXY we are 100% committed to providing both our staff and our guests with a safe experience. While all Massachusetts COVID-related restrictions were removed as of May 29, 2021, we will continue to implement whatever procedures we deem necessary to maximize the safety of both staff and guests. 

While 100% of our staff are now vaccinated, we are still requiring that all staff wear masks for both their protection and yours. We are also requiring all customers, even if vaccinated, to wear masks indoors except when eating or drinking.  

Additionally, we have installed a UVC light air disinfection system in our HVAC duct to maximize the safety of indoor dining:

BioWall Air Disinfection System

Studies have shown this product to kill over 99% of coronavirus particles upon the first pass of recirculated air and 100% by the second pass.  This means that our inside air is effectively being completely turned over with fresh air every few minutes, ensuring a maximally safe indoor dining experience.